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Mr. Ryan Van Wagenen has been with Global Private Equity since 2009. He is an Advisor at the firm and in 2011 was promoted and named a Director. He advises on a range of matters with a particular focus on helping GPE within the technology sector. He joined Global Private Equity with a passion on the venture side of the business, knowing that there would be a great deal of opportunity internationally within technology industry.

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What Senior Executives of Companies We Have Worked With Say About Us

Tom P. - President & CEO | Technology Firm

“Ryan Van Wagenen at Global Private Equity led our September 2012 acquisition of a specialty technology company from the founding entrepreneur at the target. Revenues have grown by nearly 250% since the acquisition. Global Private Equity has contributed to this growth through its leadership in recruiting new talent, arranging of follow-on financing rounds, creating incentive plans for management, and the development of the pro forma company’s strategy and more importantly culture over that time period. Highest regards to Mr. Van Wagenen.”

Kevin F. - CFO | Early Stage Technology Company

“I joined our company because I was excited about the chance to lead and work with successful private equity investors such as Ryan Van Wagenen. Being an owner has provided a lot of opportunities. The company we acquired in October 2014 was founded and developed by an investor group led by Global Private Equity. Our target was a multi million dollar European company whose Management Solutions business had changed and was no longer a strategic fit with the prior owner. Global Private Equity is experienced in cross-border M&A negotiations and has taken a hands-on role within our company. They have developed a post-acquisition business plan for our company and board, helped recruit top executives, developed a strategy, new name, and most importantly initiated our online marketing.”

Barry K - Former CEO | Technology Sector

“If you are looking to grow a business to the next level, I would recommend that you talk with Ryan Van Wagenen from Global Private Equity. His team is insightful, easy to work with and actually add real value. I have worked with them on many deals including acquisitions, capital raising and private equity investments. Global Private Equity and its associates act like any owner and partner should.”

Ryan Van Wagenen on Global Private Equity

We are a firm that will become exactly what our client needs. We have a well-articulated investment process and game plan that we are committed to following. We are constantly targeting value that may or may not already exist. We formulate a strategy and do everything possible to implement it from day 1.

Think as big as possible. We are behind you and will find the brainpower to accomplish exactly what you are looking to do. We have a vision and will help you succeed through all business cycles. We are committed to success and have built out our operations and execution teams to be able to fulfill our client needs.

The people are everything. We are passionate about what we do and are hard working. We are down to earth and have a deep bench of individuals that can help accomplish the goals of our clients. We are a very professional group that will always put our clients first and strive for the best returns in the most ethical way.