My Story

About Ryan Van Wagenen

Director at Global Private Equity

Mr. Ryan Van Wagenen has been an Advisor at Global Private Equity since 2009. Two short years later, he was promoted to Director within the firm. He advises on a range of matters with a particular focus on helping the firm within the technology sector. He shifted to private equity due to opportunity internationally within technology, especially on the venture side of the business.

Professional Background

Van Wagenen was put in charge of the technology sector shortly after the promotion to Director. He still currently leads the firm’s tech business, an area GPE had been making efforts to expand. One such early-stage investment Global Private Equity had made was tied to the blockchain. This would prove fruitful as he became the lead advisor on anything tied to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. In early years this seemed like no big deal as BTC was around $100. As BTC has been making huge strides globally, it has shown 20x returns at the highs since Van Wagenen started covering digital currency for the firm.

On a day-to-day basis, Ryan Van Wagenen is now leading the origination process on new technology deals sourced. With this role in mind, the firm has put him to work closely with the core deal team in modeling, due diligence, and transaction negotiation. In addition, the execution process is an area Van Wagenen helps manage by closely working the transaction process by structuring the detailed terms of the investment opportunity. In recent years, he has also been given another responsibility of co-managing international Private Equity deal relationships between the London team in Europe and those domiciled within the United States.

Before Global Private Equity, Van Wagenen spent three years from 2006 to 2009 and worked within the operations team at Citi Trends, a leading American retail clothing firm based in Savannah, Georgia. Citi Trends is publically traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker “CTRN.” This job would teach Van Wagenen a lot that would transfer over to the buyside given the responsibility of collaborating and reporting directly to an executive director at the firm. Ryan Van Wagenen’s role within the operations team includedresponsibility ofdata entry, accounts payable, payroll programs, grant report entry, organizational and program budgets. Following a few years at Citi Trends, Van Wagenen knew the parts of the job he exceeded in were tied to corporate development and began targeting a move to private equity.

Education and Other Interests

Ryan Van Wagenen received a Bachelor in Science degree in Finance from Westminster College. He currently lives in Cottonwood Heights due to being extremely close with his family and having a great deal of passion for the outdoors. He is the youngest of five children. Being that he was the last born in the Van Wagenen family, his older siblings, especially his two oldest brothers, took it upon themselves to make sure he always lived to the fullest. Ryan credits his daredevil mentality, a few broken bones and two near death experiences to these great older siblings of his. Even with memories such as these, he is still active in the Utah outdoor community. His greatest passion is being out in fresh air and he is still an avid backcountry skier, mountaineering racer, hiker, rock climber, and mountain biker. Behind all the personal and professional accomplishments of Ryan Van Wagenen, is a person that tries his best to stay focused on loved ones. He prioritizes doing everything possible to give back within the local community. Now living back in Cottonwood Heights, he is frequently looking for ways to continue to give back through philanthropy.